looking for the Babystay Bulkhead Repair PDF and...

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looking for the Babystay Bulkhead Repair PDF and...

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Hi everyone - first post but have been through the archives. Thank you for this great resource. I am in the process of purchasing hull #33 1993 PDQ 36. By all accounts looks to be in excellent, like new condition.

The babystay chainplate rebed has not been done though there doesn't seem to be any water intrusion, I would plan on doing that straight away. I have read Ed's instructions in the Water Under the Bed thread but it seems the Babystay Bulkhead Repair PDF is not available on the pdq36.com site - the link goes 404 for me. Is it possible to get a copy from anyone? Also, Ed had talked about a sketch detailing sandwiching extra plywood etc -any chance someone has that sketch to share, or maybe it is in that PDF… If anyone has either, i would be extremely grateful if you could email me a copy to doug@talentpatterson.com

Thanks again for such a great resource. I am really looking forward to owning a pdq 36.

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Re: looking for the Babystay Bulkhead Repair PDF and...

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Man, I guess I have to repair all of those links, thanks for the heads up, looks like they all broke when I switched servers. I will get on those later this weekend.

Doug, check your email.

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