Gennaker Rigging

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Gennaker Rigging

by Allie-May » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:45 pm

I finally got around to cleaning my bow lockers and found a North Sails G3 Gennaker. The sail looks to be in good condition but I have some questions about rigging. I’ve never flown a spinnaker/gennaker so any advice you all have is appreciated. I’m not racing but do want to sail a bit faster.

Should the tack remain at the centerline or is there a noticeable benefit in being able to adjust the tack to windward/leeward? Would tacking to the windward bow be a good option on a deep run or is that too far over?

From what I read, being able to adjust the tack vertically can help the sail fly more to windward or leeward depending on tension. Is there a benefit to having horizontal and vertical adjustments to the tack or is only one needed?

North Sails lists the gennaker AWA at 80-120 degrees. Do vertical/horizontal adjustments increase that range allowing more downwind/upwind performance or is flying the genoa outside that range still better?

Where is a good place for the stern blocks? I assume a barber hauler would work. Is the toe rail strong enough or is the stern cleat a better option?

What else should I know?

I’m looking to get a good starting point and would like to avoid an overly complicated setup. Obviously it’ll take some experimenting to figure out what works best for my boat and me.

Thanks in advance.
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