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Best freshwater pump for a PDQ 36 house system

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:55 pm
by catalacmarc
it appears the pressure switch on my 2010 Shurflo Smart Sensor 5.7 fresh water pump seems to have died. Pump does not stop running even when there is no leak to be found. The pump finally blows the breaker. And while I was cycling it to check for leaks, the pump body itself, which wasn't leaking at first, started to leak. Run over pressure maybe. Turns out the switch in not stocked and I was referred to Honeywell, the manufacturer of the switch. But, I suspect the pump is too big for the two sink system, seems the output is too pressured.

So, I am soliciting people's experience with pumps and suggestions. The boat's system has an accumulator tank and two water tanks.

Thanks, Marc