Rule Bilge pump failure

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Rule Bilge pump failure

Postby DickTuschick » Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:26 pm

Hi Folks
If you have not done so recently you should check the operation of the Rule bilge pumps that are located aft of the engine compartments, Make sure that they actually pump water and the only way to do that is to place the unit in a small pail of water and see if it comes on automatically if it does...great then turn in on in the manual mode at the lower helm station just to make sure that works as well. I recently found that BOTH pumps on our boat were inoperable.....luckily I have high water alarms installed that alerted me that we had a problem. Lucky for me also was that my leak was self induced, but it made me realize how we rely on things that may actually NOT be working...and must be checked periodically !!!

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Re: Rule Bilge pump failure

Postby lgeller » Mon Nov 14, 2016 11:49 am

I too had problems with both pumps recently. I think the issue is that our boats are so dry that the pumps fail from lack of use! I now run my pump on manual for a few seconds every few weeks just to keep the parts moving!

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Re: Rule Bilge pump failure

Postby AMCarter3 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:42 am

I too had a problem with one of our Rule pumps this summer. We had a fresh water leak at the hot water tank and the pump did not activate. Had to replace it.
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Re: Rule Bilge pump failure

Postby Ortolan » Sat Dec 10, 2016 4:02 pm

We, as well, had a problem with our Rule pump a week after our survey. After fixing the toilet, I thought I would flush out the bilge with a hose. Ummm... 10 minutes later, no pumping, I checked on the pump & white smoke was pouring out! Did our surveyor really test it the week before?

It's really hard to bail water from the bilge so you should consider a back-up pump. We brought the "crash pump" I made up for our prior sail cat. Buy the largest 12 volt non-auto/non-frills bilge pump, 20' hose & 20' heavy wire with clamps to hook right to battery. It can be dropped into either bilge, hooked up & hose out the porthole. Won't help with major flooding, but better than a bucket!

Another consideration are high water bilge alarms, which sounds helped Dick. Aqualarm & others make alarm systems, but it gets into a lot for dual panels, for dual bilges, wiring to both helms & cutting for the display panels. I decided to make my own system for $100. I used the Aqualarm sensors, but rather than panels at both helms & all I simply hooked up both switches to a VERY loud back-up alarm which I installed in a void above the lower helm - VERY loud at both helms. The only downside to my simple system is that I won't know which bilge is flooding - I could have installed lights or such, but wanted to leave as basic as possible.
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