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High Water Bilge Alarm

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2022 4:05 pm
by bjgin
Our high water bilge alarm periodically goes off with very little water in the bilge. Bilge pumps are not running. Does anyone know where the sensors for the high water alarms are in the bilge? We have a 2004.

Re: High Water Bilge Alarm

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2022 4:14 pm
by James Power
High water bilge alarms were not installed at the factory so not sure of the location. I would guess somewhere in or aft of the engine compartment.

Re: High Water Bilge Alarm

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2022 5:16 pm
by DickTuschick
A comment to owners….high water bilge alarms are easy to install, not expensive and a very practical insurance to avoid a major problem. I know of several real experiences where a high water alarm could have saved the owner thousands…not to mention the headaches.