Shoal Survivor is Sold... but I'm not going anywhere.

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Shoal Survivor is Sold... but I'm not going anywhere.

Postby thinwater » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:33 pm


As some of you know, Shoal Survivor is sold and I have a new ride, an F-24 trimaran. I've gone back to my roots with a sporty boat. I wouldn't want to cruise her for weeks, but so far she's a blast to day sail, and I look forward to a few overnights; the cabin isn't bad for one or a couple, for a quiet night.

Going up to see what is wrong. I love the Mast Mate. I've had it through 3 boats, for over 20 years.

I'll still be here. I have too many PDQ friends to leave. The PDQ manual MS Word doc will remain available, as will my blog. I'll be posting more projects, some applicable to PDQs, though some a little different. I have the same masthead instruments I had before, and just the same, they've been broken by blunt trauma.

How to install hooks without drilling holes through the hull? Easily done with glue-on studs.
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Re: Shoal Survivor is Sold... but I'm not going anywhere.

Postby bg5w » Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:49 am


Glad to hear you'll still be hanging around. Always appreciate your suggestions and knowledge.

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