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I'm planning on installing a windlass, and considering the Lewmar Pro1000 horizontal unit. Anybody have any comments on this choice? On to another question - I want to be able to operate the windlass from both the bow and cockpit. I assume this could be accomplished with either a remote handheld unit, or two foot switches, located in the proper places. any thoughts or comments on what others have done?

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Re: Windlass

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just had that exact unit installed on our mv34. it replaced a quick 1000. we've used it about a dozen times but so far we love it and consider it an upgrade. best of all we used all the wiring to the quick. only changes were to the end fittings. we also used the quick wired remote control.

we bought the wireless remote from lewmar and i hooked that up over the last 2 days. that was more layout design than anything else. worked immediately....yippeee :)

on another note a guy here in the marina told me he has a remote that works with lewmar for $15. oh well :( you may want to do research before you buy the lewmar remote.
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Re: Windlass

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I installed a Lewmar V1 (vertical) on MIDORI and I am happy with that.

However, the horizontal may be more flexible.

I ran the wires to the forward port hold and mounted the electrical on the bulkhead. The wiring for the windlass is to the start battery on the basis that the engines will be running when I use the windlass. From a prior post I put the circuit breaker on the port salon pathway.

I have a rocker switch at the helm and a wireless remote. When the 1st mate is on the helm I use the wireless remote as I raise the anchor and I am on the bow.

The windlass is a great investment.


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Re: Windlass

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a. verticals offer more line wrap if you have a combination rode.

b. verticals are out of the way and so are the parts.

The V700 is enough IMHO, more powerful than the stock unit, which lasted 15 years.

Though we have a cockpit remote, I seldom use it. I like to be up front watching, in case something jams and so I can hear if the windlass is straining. The only time is if the wind is strong and I am working alone, but I can motor up on the anchor without it. Nice to have, but not really needed.

My experience: ... plant.html

I would suggest placing the foot switches out-of-the -way. I kneeled on the start button once and nearly ground up my hand. Gloves saved me.

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