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window leak

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2004 7:28 am
by Old PDQ Message Board
window leak

Posted by Nando Iannarelli on January 27, 2004 at 15:08:00:

Does anyone have any experience with addressing a leaking wrap around salon
window? PDQ 36.

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Re: window leak

Posted by Lee Henderson on January 31, 2004 at 15:40:00:
In Reply to: window leak posted by Nando Iannarelli on January 27, 2004 at

There are a couple articles in the POA Newsletter - Fall 2003 on PDQ Window
repair. You night take a look at them. I replaced all my windows about 5 years
ago myself and have had no leaks ever since. Trick #1 is to use Automotive
Window calking. That's the same stuf they use to instal a window on your car

Trick #2 is not to screw the windows down tight. Screw them down so the calking
seeps out but stop when you have a quarter to an eight inch distance between the
window and the fiberglass. Then let the calking set up. Trick #3 is not to use
countersinked screws. This sets up a weak point at the screw. Use a flat head
screw with a small washer, all stainless. With this approach you will not have
any problems.

Re: window leak

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:41 am
by Rauschabout
Hello. Here it is 2019 and we are needing to seal salon windows. We saw your post, do you still recommend that process? Thank you.

PDQ 36 Hull 98
Sure & Y-Knot
Captain Earl

Re: window leak

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:42 pm
by chicagocat
Are you thinking about actually having new windows fabricated? There's an acrylic and plastics shop here in Chicago that says that if I get them the window, they can reproduce it. I have a couple cracked windows that I was thinking about taking to them.
While I'm waiting, I'd have to do the "poor man's car window thing" with Hefty bags and tape, which I hate, but it seems unavoidable.

Thoughts anyone?

Re: window leak

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:03 am
by SecondWind
B, Try some flowable silicone for a temporary repair.