Vented loop re direct discharge

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Vented loop re direct discharge

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Hi all, i have a pdq36 hull 33. I am thinking about putting 2 Y valves in and having the option to empty the head directly overboard. There are no vented loops in the current system so I am thinking that the heel is not great enough on this boat and there’s no reason to put a vented loop in the direct overboard scenario.

Has anyone done this before, or does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thanks so much.

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Re: Vented loop re direct discharge

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It hinges upon whether the bowl lip and top of the holding tank are above the waterline. I believe they both are (were on my PDQ 32), so no vented loops. Monohulls are different.

That said, you may want to loop the hose just above the water line to reduce flow-back in the the bowl. The pump will mostly clear the line, and then the waste will run down hill and out, leaving the line near the head mostly clear.
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